Weight Loss for the Junk Food Generation

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Beyond Junk Food: Junk Smoking

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The junk food generation is faced with another epidemic, one that has faced the generations before it. Cigarette smoking. There is good news with this though, because this generation is making different choices. These fresh, innovate choices will change smoking in America and effect many generations to come.

The worst of the junk when it comes to smoking is the horrific chemical substances, black tars, and horrible stuff that can cause long term damage to the internal lungs and other areas of the body, like throat, mouth, and more. Today’s generation can enjoy smoking without the harmful chemicals, tars and other gunk. They can choose vape smoking which is a much healthier way to experience smoking and even nicotine, which by itself is not necessarily a horrible thing. Yes, nicotine is addictive… but no, it’s not what’s causing the cancer and diseases, it’s the other aforementioned garbage in the cigarettes that does the damage. Vaporizers can be smoked with nicotine e juice, and without any nicotine at all, and the level of nicotine can be controlled.

It’s really good to see many in this generation who are health conscious to make new choices in this area, which will ultimately save lives, prevent more people from inhaling second hand smoke, which is just as deadly as first hand smoke.

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